Our Story

About Mama Magic

At Mama Magic, we want mamas to feel inspired by their own strength and connected to all the other mamas of the world. Early motherhood brings joyful moments, but also many physical and emotional challenges. Through it all, we want to remind every mama just how full of magic she is.

May you courageously channel the mamas who came before you and all the other mamas who are doing this right now. Your experience is unique to you, but you’re not doing this alone. You’ve got something special in you that binds us all. It’s mama magic.

About the Founder

Rhonda Abrams is the founder of Mama Magic. A mama to identical twin baby girls, Rhonda deeply understands the struggles of early motherhood. Through a high-risk pregnancy experienced during the Great Covid Quarantine and subsequent premature birth of her twins in October 2020, she relied on - and still does - those powerful reminders of the strength and immense capabilities each mama holds.

How We Give Back

We know that approximately 15% of all women will experience postpartum depression following the birth of a child, and even more suffer from a broad range of postpartum mood disorders. It can be difficult for new moms to seek help, either because they have not received a proper diagnosis or because of limited time & resources (including sleep). For these reasons, Mama Magic donates 20% of each order to Postpartum Support International (PSI), an organization that provides international human-to-human support and resources around mental health issues related to childbearing. Shop with us & make a difference at the same time.